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Est. 1912


The Moors family business began trading way back in 1912, only 5 shops down the road from our current shop in Westbourne.

We are proud to be a family business which has been passed Father to Son 5 times, a real 5th generation business. Alongside this, we are the oldest established business in Westbourne, holding our place amongst some of the oldest businesses within the entire Bournemouth and Poole area.

Take a look at our 100th year editorial in the Bournemouth Echo in 2012. Bournemouth Echo


My brother Ian retired from the business in March 2018, after 18 years as partners running Moors Brothers MBE. With Ian retired, my youngest son Toby is now the new blood in the business & bringing his own specialist set of skills; Toby Moors being the 5th generation and with his attention to detail in engraving & design are second to none with his fine art degree and an artistic flair in the finished shoe repair.


We receive shoe and boot repairs from all over the World; from old customers that have moved away to new customers from recommendation or social media. Our ever growing Instagram pages help to show the true workmanship that goes into our engraving and shoe repairs. Follow us and you’ll see a picture truly does paint a thousand words.

With 110 years in the shoe repairing business behind us, we are now one of only a few shops within this country that can be proud to say they are an authorised Diamond Vibram repairer.

Alongside our highly successful shoe repair, key cutting & engraving core foundations, we also very proud to be widely acknowledged as the largest supplier of specialist sailing awards in the UK & Europe. Allowing us to export sailing awards of the highest quality all around the World.


Our extensive engraving knowledge comes from dealing with all varieties of jobs, from a simple pet disc to a NASA space helmet and valve. We have experience engraving many specialist materials including acetal, stainless steel, titanium and metal fabrics, usually for military equipment needing official NATO serial numbers (NSN).

Our business may have evolved more than my Father, Grandfather, or Great-grandfather could ever have imagined, but our promise is still the same as it was way back in 1912: To deliver a world class service with friendly local face



40 Seamoor Road

40 Seamoor Road 2020

Charles Moors

CHARLES MOORS This is Charles Moors who started Moors Shoe Repairs way back in 1912

Eric Charles Moors

ERIC CHARLES MOORS This is my Grandpa Eric who was the 2nd Generation to take over the business in 1942.

John Eric Moors

JOHN ERIC MOORS My Dad John was the 3rd Generation to take over the business in 1974 after starting work at 28 Seamoor Road in 1951. My brother Ian to the left of him and me to the right. Photo taken in 1984 at 40 Seamoor Road.

Stephen Moors

STEPHEN MOORS Started repairing shoes standing on a box in 1972, started work in 1978 and took over the business in 2000 with Ian Moors.

28 Seamoor Road

Photo taken in 1962

The Boss

Well!!! he thinks he is.

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